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  • EPRUMA partners present Responsible Use initiative to European Commissioner John Dalli

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  • September 27, 2010
  • On 27th September 2010 a delegation of EPRUMA partners presented their initiative to promote Responsible Use of veterinary medicines to the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli. EPRUMA representatives stressed that veterinary medicines are an invaluable resource to be used wisely in order to preserve their efficiency for the benefit of both animals and people.

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  • EPRUMA at the Congress of European Farmers

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  • October 06, 2010
  • An EPRUMA delegation presented their initiative on responsible use of veterinary medicines during the Congress of European Farmers entitled "The Common Agricultural Policy post-2013: a fair and stable income for farmers", which was held in Brussels on 4-6 October 2010.

    Speaker panel at the Congress of European Farmers

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  • EPRUMA launches video on farmers' role regarding the responsible use of veterinary medicines

  • Category: News
  • December 02, 2010
  • EPRUMA has launched a video featuring a farmer explaining how he ensures that veterinary medicines are responsibly used at the farm. See the video by clicking on the image below or by visiting EPRUMA's Youtube channel.



  • EPRUMA addresses the DG SANCO Animal Health Advisory Group

  • Category: News
  • July 06, 2011
  • EPRUMA partners presented their initiative to promote the Responsible Use of veterinary medicines to the European Commission DG SANCO's Animal Health Advisory Committee, which is part of the Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health on 17th June 2011.

    Declan O'Brien, on behalf of EPRUMA partners, explained that the motivation behind launching EPRUMA is to build stakeholder agreement on what constitutes Responsible Use of veterinary medicines. He emphasised that EPRUMA embodies good alignment and collaboration across European stakeholders on animal health. He stated that the goal of EPRUMA is to maintain the long-term efficacy of veterinary medicines.

    The EPRUMA partnership considers that Responsible Use complements both policy and legislation in terms of striving to maintain the efficacy of antimicrobials. EPRUMA seeks to ensure that veterinary medicines, including antibiotics, are used according to the licencing conditions and advocates a holistic approach to disease prevention and control.

    The presentation referred to the communications activities of EPRUMA and called for institutional support to communicate “Responsible Use” and make a real difference on the ground.

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  • Turkish version of EPRUMA booklet

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  • May 09, 2011
  • EPRUMA is pleased to announce the launch of the Turkish version of its booklet, entitled "Best-practice framework for the use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals in the EU".

    VISAD, the association representing the animal health industry in Turkey, has led the production of the booklet and is actively promoting it at national level.

    The document is now available in 10 languages: Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Turkish and Spanish.

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  • EPRUMA welcomes the HMA-V action plan on antimicrobials

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  • July 06, 2011
  • The European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals (EPRUMA) commented on the Heads of of Medicines Agencies' (veterinary) action plan on antimicrobials issues in May 2011.

    In their joint response, EPRUMA partners welcome the HMA-V action plan. They acknowledge the need for new antimicrobials and agree the issue is complex requiring a multi-faceted approach and a broad stakeholder involvement.

    They emphasise that biosecurity, good housing, proper nutrition, herd health plans along with vaccination will help to avoid disease and are part of Responsible Use as defined by EPRUMA. "The assistance fo the HMA-v in promoting these concepts at veterinary and farmer level would be much more effective in ensuring Responsible Use than removing the right of the vet to prescribe and dispense", says EPRUMA.

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  • FVE conference on antimicrobials

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  • September 05, 2011
  • The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) organises a conference entitled 'Antimicrobials: a true One-Health issue', which will be held in Brussels on 18 November 2011. The programme will look into challenges and opportunities in the medical and veterinary field.

    The purpose of the event is to exchange information on the ways antimicrobials affect the health of people and animals and to propose actions to assure their efficacy and availability

    The event is supported by the European Commission and the Polish Presidency of the Council of the EU.

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  • EPRUMA video: the animal health industry and responsible use

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  • November 02, 2011
  • EPRUMA launches a video on the animal health industry's role regarding responsible use of veterinary medicines.

    IFAH-Europe's Managing Declan O'Brien explains the role of the animal health industry in ensuring responsible use of veterinary medicines and the commitment to the EPRUMA initiative. He emphasises that responsible use is based on a holistic approach and that when disease occurs, diagnosis and treatment under veterinary care should follow.

    Mr O'Brien stresses that veterinary medicines should be used according to the instructions given by the veterinarian and reaffirms IFAH-Europe's commitment to work with veterinarians, farmers and other stakeholders to promote the responsible use of veterinary medicines.

    See the video by clicking on the image below or by visiting EPRUMA's Youtube channel.



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  • On European Antibiotic Awareness Day (18 November 2016)  EPRUMA's Chairman, Rens van Dobbenburgh, pledges to

  • EPRUMA declaration on 'Our 7 commitments to the responsible use of veterinary medicines': signed in Brussels

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  • A fact sheet explaining the responsible use of medicines in animals, and EPRUMA's role and objectives.

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